Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Renee's blood count going back up....praise the Lord.

Renee has had her blood checked each Tuesday for the last 3 weeks.

May 22st - Renee's new white blood cell count (Neutro Abs) was down to 0.9, and her red blood cell count was just below the limit, causing her to receive a Procrit shot. (boosts reb blood cells)

May 29th - Renee's new white blood cell count was down to 0.7, on the same "schedule" as she has followed after the previous chemo. Her RBC count was high enough that she did not receive the Procrit shot.

June 5th - Renee's new white bood cell count went up to 0.9, showing that she is past the low point. This is a quicker recovery, and could be caused by not having Rituxan treatments this month as before. We give God the glory, and look to him for Renee's continued improvements.

Renee is basically doing well, although she still gets tired. My parents left last Sunday, and Renees' mother is not here this week, so Renee has her hands full with all 4 kids. She would be tired without cancer, but considering all, she is doing well. Thanks to all for the continued prayer, and love shown to our family.