Thursday, July 5, 2007

Renee's Improvement

First, I would like to apologize for taking so long to update the blog.

On Wednesday, June 13th, Renee had a bone marrow sample taken, and a bone sample. These were sent to the Mayo clinic for analysis, as the original bone sample had been.

On Wednesday, June 20th, Renee had a PET scan which returned as "normal".....Praise the Lord.

Around Thursday, June 28th, we received the results from the Mayo clinic. When Renee was first diagnosed, there was 80% cancer "involvement" shown on the bone sample. The latest test showed 20% cancer "involvement", which is a great improvement.
Since there was still IgM protein in her blood, we did not expect to see the cancer completely gone, but we praise God for the great improvement.

Renee is in Charleston visiting her family for the week of July 4th, and will return next week to have a blood sample taken on July 12th. We will then meet with her oncologist the next day(July 13th) to discuss the future direction for continued treatment. Please pray for wisdom, and the continued grace of God for Renee and the family.