Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Faith is Strengthened

Once again we would like to say we're sorry for taking so long to update this blog! Four children sure keeps you busy! But no news is good news, in this case!

On July13 we met with Dr. Lola and she informed us that I still had 20% of the cancer left. I began with 80% saturation. She suggested that I try a new chemo drug called Valcade. Brian and I told her that we wanted to wait and mointer my blood levels. My labs showed that my white blood count was low 0.8. (Allowing my body to be suceptable to infection)The doctor told me to be careful and to call her if I got a fever. I had lower white blood levels before and had never gotten sick, so I wasn't very concerned.

The following weekend July 21 we were at a reunion at Brian's parents when I began to feel sick. I was up all night with fever and chills. When I took my temperature the next day around 3pm it was 104 degrees. Brian called the Dr. Lola and she called in an antibiotic and told me to go to the ER if I felt nauseous. While Brian was out getting the medicine, I began to feel worse and nauseous. I made it to the bathroom and collapsed on the floor. Brian's mom stayed with me and tried to help. I now know that I was going into septic shock(a drop in blood flow and blood pressure due to an infection in the blood)Brian was having trouble getting the medication and called and they told him to come right back. He had to carry me to the car and rush me to the hospital. I had to stay in the hospital for three days to get my blood pressure, potassium level, white blood count and fever back to normal. Needless to say it was a very scary experience, but the Lord sustained us. We returned to Raleigh on Tuesday and I met with the doctor on Friday. My levels had rebounded and I was feeling better.

August 2 - lab results showed increasing white blood count 3.o(normal is 3.5) and a Igm protein level of 2o42. We stayed with the course of no treatment as long as the levels remained steady.

August 14 - lab results showed white blood level 2.2. and Igm protein level 1310! The doctor said that our decision to wait was a safe one and that we could monitor the levels once a month.

August 30 - went to the retinal specialist. No retinal hemorrhage! The other multiple hemorrhages were almost all cleared up ! Praise the Lord. Another sign that the cancer was diminishing.

Sept. 5 -lab results showed 3.6 white blood count! First time it has been normal! My Igm protein level was the lowest ever at 1232!

Sept. 18 - had a cough that just wouldn't go away so I called the Doctor. She gave me an antibiotic and told me to have a chest xray to check for fluid in my lungs. The results were all clear for my lungs, but she thought my lymph nodes in my abdomen looked enlarged. She said that I would need to have a CAT scan be able to get a better diagnosis. If they were significantly enlarged, she would suggest I go back on chemo. Needless to say, this upset me and I had to pray and give it to the Lord, who know all.

sept. 28 - today I had the CAT scan and lab work. The results showed normal size lymph nodes!!! God is good! My lab work was good with 2.8 white blood count, normal red blood count(a first!) and a steady Igm of 1237. Normal Igm is 40-200; However, I came into this with level 6383. Dr. Lola said we would just keep doing what we're doing. For those who don't know, I've been eating a diet of mostly raw vegetables. I am staying away from meat, dairy, wheat and sugar. That doesn't leave much left! My mom has been staying here on and off over the last 6 months and has really been a help. She helps by making carrot and vegetable juice which I drink up to 4x a day. It actually tastes good! Josiah loves carrot juice! I also am taking various vitamins and minerals. I'm going to continue on this course and we are praying that God will heal me without taking any further medical treatment!