Friday, December 21, 2007

God is Good!

I would like to update this blog with the last two doctor visits. On 10/31/07 I went to have my blood checked and had good results. My labs were all normal except white blood and IGM protein level. My white blood level was 3.1 (normal is 3.5-10.5), and my IGM level stayed basically the same, lowering to an even 1200. The nurse also explained another test they do on my blood called LDH. That level was 109 and the normal range is 100-190. She said that it was very good to have a lower level because that showed that the cancer was not active. I was glad for another sign that I was getting better.

I went to have my blood checked on 12/03/07 and then had my 3 month visit with Dr.O on 12/05/07. Everything checked normal except my white blood and IGM. My white blood was 3.0. I asked her why it wasn't normal yet. She said that my level was good, but the reason it still wasn't normal was because the chemo that I had could supress the immune system for up to a year! My LDH was 124 which was good as well. The big answer to prayer was that my IGM was 905!!!I had been praying that it would drop below 1000 and it did! I still have a ways to go before it's normal(40-200), but this was such a nice blessing. I asked her what she thought was going on with the cancer. She said that she believed that it was not progressing, but the only way to know how much was left was to have another bone marrow biopsy. We both don't what to do that yet. Dr. O said to just keep doing what I was doing. She said that I could wait 3 months(March) to have my blood checked again and 6 months (June) for an exam with her. We were very excited to have the good news. Just continue to pray that I can keep up the diet and juicing. Thank you for all the encouraging cards, words and prayers.

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